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 TheDoctor's GM Application

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PostSubject: TheDoctor's GM Application   12/12/2008, 2:08 pm

Name/Ign: Nigel hare/TheDoctor

Birthday: May 12th 1994

Age: 14

time zone: pacific standard time

how many hours can I play?: I can play all the time only if I get picked since I am home schooled and I have all the time in the world to play if I wanted.

why should you pick me?: I am very good qith questions, events, I have been a gm in about 6 or 7 servers most were shut down and some the owner gave up.
I also hosted my own server until my server was having some issues (TribaltaMS)
I never break rules, I'm known to be a "goody 2 shoes" since I'm loyal and honest,
I know the GM commands and if you pick me I'll bring my BAN-HAMMER with me (copyrighted)

event ideas: Capture the flag, race to the finish, jump quest, hide and seek, PvP tourneys

other: Just on a side note, I'm a devoted MS player I've been called a veteran now...

You'll be happy to pick me to be part of the FateMS team, thanks for reading my app.

On a side note I'm also a very skilled moderator for forums and chatrooms.
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TheDoctor's GM Application
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