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 Post all your GM Application here!

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PostSubject: Post all your GM Application here!   11/9/2008, 8:02 am

Please do not spam here or your GM Application will be deleted!

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PostSubject: My GM Application   11/30/2008, 2:18 pm

Real Name: Aqua ( My Mum is an Art Teacher)
IGN: (when the server is done) Fortunate or Crankie ( If it is possible )
Age: 14
State: Well, as i live in Australia It is Victoria!
Time Zone: UTC+10 (+11 DST)
What languages you can talk in: I am Currently Learning Japanese And Speak Well in English
Rate your english: 8/10 I can't spell but can pronouce properly Werid don't you think?
Will you obey the gm rules? Yes. I'll obey them no matter what happens!
Experiences: Well, i have a lot of experiences in making banners and advertising but only have a little bit of experience in being a GM because of a GM server
How long have you played maple? Well, I've been playing for over 1 year now!
How long will you be able to play? Well, as i have a lot of free time i can play 4-5hours
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PostSubject: GM Application   11/30/2008, 9:46 pm

Real Name: Tony
IGN: (When its Up) armourunder
Age: 14
State: Maryland
Time Zone: GMT-5
What Languages: I can speak English , Spanish, and French
Rate English: 9/10
Obey Rules: Yes, i Will obey the rules at all time, i dont have much experience about GM but i have been playing for about ms for 2-3 years and played private for about 9 months of those 2-3 years.
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PostSubject: Jennie's Application.   12/4/2008, 7:56 am

1. A )What is your name? My name is Jennie Wink
B )How old are you? I am 15.

2. What country do you come from and indicate your timezone.
I am from Toronto, Canada and my time zone is EST.

3. Do you have any past Game Master experience? Yes, on genmills MS. But unfortunately the owner shut down the server not long after i has been made; but I did got to experience different types of commands and I still have the GM handbook with me!

4. Are you a patient and a social person? Yes I am. I will explain more in the last question.

5. How would you interact and spend time with the players? Being a Game Master is not just banning.
Being a Gamer Master certainly is not just about banning, but to create events, help out players, try to understand them instead of ignore, make the server more fun, and most important of all, a Game Master is NEVER too cool to answer or help out any other regular players. <~ some ps owners do that which is bad.

6. Basic information about yourself.
I looove games, making friends, and chatting! ^^ I will explain more below.

7. A ) Do you speak fluent English?
I speak English fluently. I speak and type with grammar and I am also in the habit of checking for spelling errors before hitting 'enter'. Although there are some words which I don't know (just like everyone else).
B )Do you speak any other languages? Yes I do. I speak Chinese fluently (Cantonese and Mandarin). I can read, write, spell, and communicate with it.

8. Why should you be chosen over the others?
Here is a list of adjectives to describe me and my personality:
Cool; easy going; out going; tomboy-like; funny; full of jokes; acts older than you think; caring, loving(friendship); goes online at least 9 hours a day. Also I do not drink like some other Game Masters I know on other Private Servers (I AM a girl), therefore I will not be drunk when I am online.

9. How do you handle newcomers and hackers?
I love to help out newcomers with problems and features on a private server because helping out others and telling them what you know is a very nice way of showing off yourself without having that person to think you are a bragger.
I have known and seen hackers well enough to know that they will not stop hacking unless you IP ban them. Hackers usually will not be tolerated according to most of the good Game Masters I know on other private servers, but what I will really do if I am a Game Master is yet to be known, since it really depends on the situation.

10.How may we contact you?(i.e. E-Mail, Msn, Aim) MSN: icytreasure@hotmail.com
Add me, e-mail me or just PM me on the forum. Doing at least two of them would be greatly appreciated and will certainly increase the chances of being able to contact me.

11. Tell us something good about you.
I have played Maple Story for 5~6 years. I know everything about it. I am a lvl143 Bishop on GMS, you may contact me if you want prove (e.g. my ign). I am well known in most of the games I've played and enjoyed; such as GMS, and the other private server I have played - XDreamer MS, EchoMS, an genmills[GM]. I am very talkative and I LOVE making friends. I love helping others and I have good management skills. I played a LOT of online games but that does not make me a no life: my career is on computer programming and I am a real school nerd (yeeh I know you didn't need to know that silent )
I was in an extremely strict guild under rules and policies of Zakum Runs and HT runs (yes it sounds very stupid)on GMS, so I follow rules well. I would not be surprised if you think I am too young, though my maturity is in a much higher level comparing to my age.
I can write good guides and make an awesome looking banner for you...and that is all I can think of right now.
Sorry if I wrote too much. o.o Thank you for your time!

IGN: Adreama
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PostSubject: Re: Post all your GM Application here!   12/4/2008, 9:39 am

Hey I'm Travis and I'd like to be a GM so I can help out the server and make gameplay more enjoyable.

What's my real name?
My real name is Travis , my IGN is usually Chronos, and sometimes Kagasha.

Why should you pick me?
You should consider picking me because I know what to do and what not to do as a GM. I completely understand the rules I must follow as a GM and will do my best to keep players happy and entertained.

How much do I play?
I usually play Maple from around 4pm-10pm weekdays, and from 3-7 hours on some weekends, maybe more.

How long have I been playing?
I've been playing Maple Story for about 4 years now so I know my way around pretty well.

What's my age?
I'm 15 years old on the 23rd.

Some other things about me:
I'm a fun loving person who knows when to be serious. I try to not take negative comments personal. I'm a very determined person who does not give up very easily but knows when to stop.

If you pick me, I promise you will not regret that decision, I will try my very best to resolve any disputes, and as soon as I find and confirm that someone is hacking, I will ban them (no second chances for anyone). I will not give anyone special treatment no matter what the situation.

This may be my first time as a GM, but I'll try my best to be kind and fair.
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PostSubject: GM Applications...   12/4/2008, 10:59 pm

Name:Alden(in real)
I promise i will obey the GM rules.I will not hack,anyhow ban people..
I will be fair to everyone in FateMS..
I promise..
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PostSubject: Gm app-Miihaa   12/5/2008, 10:18 am

Haii guys,
this is my Gm app plz reply <33

Name:kathleen but ppl call me kath or kathie
IGN:Miihaa (If possible)
age: 16 1\2
e-mail: OokathleenoO@hotmail.com
Location: Toronto,Ontario,Canada

Do you have any exp on being gm :Yes i've been Gm in smartie ms and that it =[
why should you be a gm: well i really like this server and i like to help the new ppl and the old ppl Razz

what will you do if u don't get chosen: i would continue to play , its not like omg im not gm -leaves-
hope u guys like my gm app hope i get choosen suport meh <333333333333333333333333333
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PostSubject: Re: Post all your GM Application here!   12/5/2008, 3:49 pm

Name : Sharmain
IGN : x3Ecstacy

Age : 14.

What country do you come from and indicate your timezone : im from singapore.
my timezone is GMT.

Any past Game Master experience : no, but im willing to learn.

Are you a patient and a social person : Yes.

How would you interact and spend time with the players : Doing some events. And treat them like a friend and not a GM and a player. but, if the player have done something wrong i will still do my job as a gm.

Basic information about yourself : i like to stay at home playing computer. play private server. (:

Do you speak fluent English : Yes.

Why should you be chosen over the others : im active & im friendly.
& i can online almost everyday.

How do you handle newcomers and hackers : if the newcomers have any problem i will help them.
to hackers, i will just ban them. because if they are still in this game, it will be unfair to other players.

How may we contact you : By MSN or email, takeme-away@live.com

Tell us something good about you : im friendly to people.
i will help people if they have any questions & i will treat the players fairly no matter they are my friend or not.
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PostSubject: APP   12/5/2008, 5:12 pm

Real Name: Sojourner
IGN: Sojourner
Age: 11
State: Johor,Malaysia
Time Zone: GMT ++8
What languages you can talk in:English,Malay,Chinese
Rate your english: 8/10
Will you obey the gm rules? Yes. I will
Experiences: I`ve been helping many people in Maplestory
How long have you played maple?Since Maplesea Started. about 4 years?
How long will you be able to play? Play 1 hour rest 2 hour(sometimes 1) until 10pm starting from 11am
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PostSubject: GM App   12/6/2008, 1:58 pm

IGN:I never logged on and made a character yet but when its up (PencilBox)
Timezone: Pacific I am from Washington, U.S.A.
Why You Want To Be A GM: I want to be a gm because I want to recruit more people to play FateMS and also very want to help the server become a better server than many other servers. I want to help FateMS become more famous and help the players out anyway I can. For example, I could help players by answering their questions and listening to their suggestions for our server.
Experience?:I have been a GM on many servers like IcyColdMS(closed), SeakipzMS(closed), EnlightenedMS(closed), MysticalMS(closed), and BonzaiMS(closed).I also have a GM Handbook for MS and I can use it easily.
How Will You Help: I will tell hackers to stop hacking unless there will be consequences if he doesn't stop. I will help the players if they need help with something or if they have questions. I will also listen to the player's suggestions and be patient if they take a long time. I will have fun with the players during events and whenever possible.
How long Have you played: I have played MS for 6 years.I know pretty much most of the maps in MS.
Things about you: My hobby is drawing and playing the violin. I spend most of my time playing the computer prob. like 8 hours each day on weekends.
I like playing soccer with my friends and I'm very active and friendly. I speak some Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese but English is my best language.
Are You Active: Yes I am very active i play atleast 8 hours each day on weekends.
I think I should be chosen among other people because i am very helpful and I want to make FateMS a better server. I am also funny, awesome, smart, and very friendly.
I would be honored if you picked me to be a GM on FateMS because i really want to help FateMS and help out all the other players on FateMS.Even if you don't pick me as a GM i will still be helping FateMS even as a normal player. I would help new players out if they had any questions. Thanks for your time in reading my application and I hope you pick me to become a GM. -Jeff Razz Razz Razz tongue lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Post all your GM Application here!   12/8/2008, 9:14 am

Real Name:


Age: 12

Time Zone:

What Languages:
I can speak English

Rate English:

Obey Rules: Yes
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PostSubject: Re: Post all your GM Application here!   12/10/2008, 1:21 am

Maybe i have not the requirements but lets try

Real Name: David
IGN: (When its Up) Tharore
Age: 18
State: The Netherlands Delfzijl
Time Zone: GmT+1
What Languages: English Dutch
Rate English: 8/9
Obey Rules: Yes, i Will obey the rules at all time, i played maple 2 years long quitted and found the first private server odinms after that i learned coding (java) a lil and SQL commands... i can make shops monster drops NPCS and more... i will do my best
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PostSubject: Re: Post all your GM Application here!   12/10/2008, 4:41 pm

Real Name: Jane


Age: 12

State: NSW, Australia

Time Zone: GMT +10

What Languages:
English, Chinese and Taiwanese

Rate English:

Obey Rules: Yep ^^ Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Post all your GM Application here!   12/11/2008, 6:00 am

Real Name: Jordan
Ign: Light
Age: 14
State: Australia, Brisbane
How long have you been playing Maple Story and private servers: I have played Maple Story for 2 years, as for private servers, half a year.
What do you do in your spare time: Tutor homework, maple, etc.
Have you have any experience as a GM:I have no GM experience, but in my private server experience I have always made it my duty to help others by asking if anyone needs help by super megaphone and also writing up long detailed F.A.Q's (Longest one was around 1000-1200 words, I can't remember...) and also checking if anyone needed help on the forums.
What can you do that makes you stand out from the other GM applications:
Well I have very good grammar and am always willing to help out anyone in the server who requires help.
What would you do to help the server if you do become a GM: As stated above I would try my best to help as many Mapler's as I can.
How often are you on Maple Story: I only get 1-2 hours on weekdays, as for week ends 6 hours+, when it's holidays, the amount of playing time will be GREATLY increased.
How can we trust you: Trust isn't a thing that you gain automatically, trust has to be earned, if I become a GM, I will prove that I can be trusted.
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PostSubject: Re: Post all your GM Application here!   12/12/2008, 7:48 am

Name:Aurelio But you can call me Turtle!! =)

Age: 16

How long you've played FATEMS: I've never played but I catch up with things quick (REALLY FAST!!) AND MY IGN NAME WILL BE [GM]Fernas if i get the spot =P

Why you should be a gm: Why I should be a GM is because I have had A lot of expierience with maplestory because i have played it ever since it first came out like i started playing MapelSea and had four characters there total a level 98 Ranger, 144 Hermit, 142 DK, and a 127 Priest, this was all before fourth Job. And i moved to global because Maplesea had a IP Ban on all US people and i made a character there and only got it to level 88 hermit before i questioned myself . . I want to play a private server its more fun, But better yet i want to be a GM! I knew that was good for me because i learn codes really quick! I am really friendly, Active most of the time, I always see hackers and can't do anything about it and now i can!! =) but also because I just love maplestory and all of the people who play and private servers rock and i know i would be a good well loved and known GM in your server so yeah please and thanks!!!!

do you give in to pressure?: I don't really give in to pressure i just listen to myself and those with higher authority but everyones oppinions are valid!! Smile and I wouldn;t let anyone talk me into anything i'm smarter than that.

are you kind/friendly/easy to talk to?: Yes I am!

what makes you stand out from others?: Because I am just me always and a very happy kind person and love to have fun and know when to be serious and I would think being a GM in maple would make your server Better! HACKERS CAN'T ESCAPE ME!!

So yeah this is my application I'm Willing to do anything i just love maplestory its too much fun but if you can't make me a GM i'm 100% okay with that i respect your desicion but yeah It has always been my dream to be one!! you would make me more happier than i could already be applying for this but yeah thats pretty much it!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU FATEMS FTW!!!!

email : aaz15ms@yahoo.com
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PostSubject: Jamie's GM Application   12/13/2008, 1:09 pm

Real Name:Jamie Lyn .I go By the name ''Jamie''


Age: 14

State:Selangor ,Malaysia

Time Zone: GMT+8

What languages you can talk in: i Can Speak Chinese, Contonese,Malay

Rate your english: 8.5/10 i Sometimes Type WRong with Capital like ''WRoNg''

Will you obey the gm rules? Yes. I'll obey the RULES From Admin and ill Try TO Learn from other GMS As hard As i Can

Experiences: Till TOday,i have Many experiences in Hosting Events, Banning hackers and advertising .I also have experience from other Server

How long have you played maple?= i'Ve Been Playing Maple Since i was Standard 4 and its about 4Years Already

How long will you be able to play?=i Can Play Around 6-12 Hours PerDay(Seriously)

i Will like to take this chance to say I Hope the GMS and Admin will Accept me on Joinning their team and Giving me this Chance,i will Learn Fast and i will also Contribute Free Time and my Kindness on Helping this server thank you <3 lol!
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PostSubject: My application :]   12/15/2008, 8:31 pm

Name : KIKI
Singaporean. ( GMT + 8 )
Age : 14 ( O.O )

Experience : Okays , basically , No past experience . But so what ? Everyone starts from the beginning right ? How do people have experience ? Sure they have been GM Before . And Sure they have their first time as a Gm before . But if you are willing to spare me th extra time , teach me th basic fuctions , I'll be good , trust me . & i will not abuse th powers given to me , obviously . I'm a fast learner , dont worry. Adding on . Yes , im young , 14 and i want to be a GM ? You may think like this , but why not ? Basically . I have interest in maplestory . & Im really very very very sure & i swear to god , that i'll do my best . You may think im lying , but why not let me try first ?

Why Should I be picked? : Hmm , my main objective for your private server - , is to get rid of irritating hackers , ( & i swear i will try my best to ) . In my experiences in another Ps , although i was not a GM , but i liked the jobs of searching for hackers and taking SS-es as proofs and then report them to the GMs . I'll make sure that hackers will not have a fun time hacking in your PS . Adding more , events are also necessarily to increase the player's intrest in your PS . I will organise fun events often ( like , when they vote for your server , or when im free ) What events ? You may be asking . Haha , hire me , & you'll know . Maybe we'll have an event on the day im going be a GM , who knows ? . If i am to be picked , i'll make sure that more people will join your PS . I also will give comments to you on how you could inprove your server . if you would like to know , im someone who likes to do the things to thhe best, and hardworking . ( I even bothered to sign up for yr PS's forums to post an application ) . Trust me , all I do in the server will not be bad . I will do the best out of everything & make sure every mapler enjoy their stay here .

What would you helped : As mention ealier , my main objective is getting rid of hackers , and helping maplers who are in need . ( eg , Harrassing ) I will ban them accordingly and not abuse my powers. I will also temp ban hackers that curse in smegas .

& also , I can do banners in your webpage ( animated / non animated ) , and urge people to vote for your server. I can design your webpage if you wish too . I've participated in a banner contest held in my past private server , & i won the first prize . & I will try my best to do nice banners. I am a sportish person . If i want to do something , i'll will think real hard for a solution . Even when i lie on the bed , i'll be thinking till im asleep , haha .
For coding : Basically if want me as a coder , please hv the patience to teach me o.O & i will do my best for your server i swear.

Ok , im done . Please consider me & i wish you the best in everything that you do .
P.s ( Im not sucking up to you , btw . )

Hope to hear from you guys soon ! :]]

if you are willing to pick me , add me in msn : laughoutloud@live.com.sg
<3 xLove.
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PostSubject: Hitman's app   12/24/2008, 9:52 am

My personal information:
Real name: Andrew Smith (also go by Drew)
Age: 16
Birthday: June 30, 1992
Gender: Male
Character name: TheHitman1
Location: central us
my email: lilmandrew2222@yahoo.com

Experience: I've played regular ms for 3-4 years and hav been a gm on 3 other privet servers.

How many other Games you GM'd for: Three

What can you do as a GM?
-Help the server grow (Advertise)
-Ban the hackers
-Host Events.
-Help the people who need it

Why do you want to be a GM? To keep it a fair place for every1

Why should I choose you to be a GM? I am experienced and have a very kind and generous personality and i am very active.

will u leave if your not gm in this server? no
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PostSubject: GM Application :)   12/24/2008, 5:23 pm

Name: Jasmine
Ign: xjasminex
Age: 16
Country: Singapore
How long have you been playing Maple Story/Private Servers:
Nearly 4 years for MS and 2 Months for Private Servers.

Do you have any experience as a GM:
No, but i'm willing to try to learn to be a good GM.

What can you do that makes you stand out from the other GM applications:
I am able to provide assistance to all maplers as long as it is within my ability and i will be able to play for around 12 hours or even more since my computer will be switched on 24 hours. Other than that, I have play many private servers and able to use my experience as a player to understand what players need from a good GM. Most importantly, i am willing to commit time to the server as well as voting Smile

What would you do to help the server if you do become a GM:
I will strive to provide all players a nice and comfortable gaming environment, without disturbance from hackers.
Contact: Through my email/msn.

Last edited by xjasminex on 12/24/2008, 5:25 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Addition of details)
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PostSubject: Kiyoko's GM Application   12/24/2008, 11:48 pm

Real Name: Jenny
IGN: (when the server is done) rawrrsx3 ( If it is possible )
Age: 13
State: New Jersey [:
Time Zone: GMT - 5:00 (EST)
What languages you can talk in: I speak fluent english, and am learning spanish >.>
Rate your english: 10/10 I have very good vocabulary and am above my grade standards in every subject.
Will you obey the gm rules? Yes.
Experiences: I have had no experience, but i have been around GMs and hung around with them. I have also had friends who are GMs. I know basically almost every code item
How long have you played maple? I have been playing just over 18 months
How long will you be able to play? I have alot of free time. When it is Saturday/Sunday/Days off of school i can play just over 12 hours. If there is school i can play around 6 hours.
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PostSubject: My application   1/1/2009, 12:10 pm

Firstly i was thinking that you guys would not pick me as a GM but anyway i might want to give a a try to be the choosen one.



IGN: AquaNatus(When the server is done and is it is possible)

Reason to be choosen:I am online almost everyday,I can help the server be a better server,I will make roundabouts around the map to make traps to catch hackers,
I am usually free so i can make some events for the players to enjoy this server,I will try my best to make this server be in ranked 1st,

Timezone:Beijing,Congqiing,Hong Kong,Urumqi(+8 GMT)

I am experienced in Maple i have been playing MSSea for the past 3 years .

Please select me as a GM and give me a chance to try i will do my best to prevent hacking Very Happy
Hope i will be 1 of the GMs in this server.

Experience: i do not have any experience as a GM but i will try to learn and be a good gm~! Wink

Language:I speak Fluent english,fluent Cantonese,Chinese and Hokkien


Real name is : Cheng Kitt

I always do obey rules or my duty as scheduled by the admin
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PostSubject: My GM application.   1/2/2009, 7:16 am

Kevin’s GM application
NAME: Kevin
IGN: Kevinpwns ( or if that IGN is taken I will make up one ex. DareDevils, K3Vpwns, ) this is if I do not already play your server. I will change IGN if I do play your server.
IF GM: Some server use names like [GM] Kevin for their IGN so I can take whatever name you want me to have.
TIME ZONE: Eastern (USA)
HOW DID I FIND SERVER: I look up sites on Google like extreme top 100 MapleStory©️ private server. I also use YouTube™️ to find some server and information about them. I also use any other site that have a list of private servers.
WHY I WANT TO BE GM: I would love to help ban hackers and to help new members. I am very nice and love to help people. I can also do events and I am a great learner. I always try to follow rules and be nice to other GMs. I have played many other servers that are very good. I have also played the real MapleStory©️ for a little while (over 1 year). I have also been to many summoning parties hosted by GMs and I know that u should not summon a large amount of monsters (depending on servers summoning capacity). I have also used many summoning bags and know not to summon more than one. I also have seen a server that has a horntail sac that summons 3 or more of them. If that is a problem I would advise people not to summon it if it lags the server. I will try to be kind and never fight with other GMs. I can also help with website forums and other website information. I can post whatever you need me to. I also love to talk with people if they are not feeling good and I try to make them happy. I also try not to annoy people in anyway. I will be as dedicated as I can to the server and help you in anyway. I have a handbook and can get another. I usually print off the codes and have them ready when I need them. I am usually very organized (or at least try to be).
HOW WILL I HELP SERVER: I will follow rules and try to make the game as fun as I can without ruining it. I want everyone to have fun and enjoy your server. I will learn coding if you need me to by reading many guides posted on the internet. I could also most likely learn NPC scripting also from a few guides I read earlier back. I would be happy to post guides or links onto the website or forums. I would try to post almost every day if someone new has posted and I will alert forum moderators if there are any problems. I will also post any bugs/errors if there are any with the server.
HOW TO DEAL WITH: -New members- help them and teach them about server rules.
-Hackers-Ban them. Use ban commands.
- GMs- Be kind and respect them and make sure they follow rules.
-Anyone else: make sure they follow rules and have a great time.
EXPERIENCE: I have made a v.55 server for me practice being a GM and have played many other versions. I am currently on v.62 but will change if I am considered for any GM spot. I have played many server and spent plenty of time talking, listening, and GMs on some of the servers I have played. I have played over 20 different private servers to see new facts and information and try different repacks and version of MapleStory©️.
WILL I LEAVE IF DENIED A GM: If the server is good and kind and the GMs that have been chosen are nice I will try to play if you could please email me the website.
INFORMATION ABOUT ME: I love videos games and MapleStory©️. I also like to test stuff on computers and learn new stuff. When I do play I love to help people and make them happy. On some servers I host non- GM events and they allow me to do hog races, seek and find (while moving), and summon events (if the server has summoning bags). I go to as many events as I can. I do go to school and honors algebra is very long. I do get good grades and learn very fast. I have played other games like RuneScape©️ and I made a private server and website for it but I quit and decided to play MapleStory©️ private servers a while ago. I am a nice person and very helpful (I do not like people hacking if it is not allowed). I only know English so far but we have a Spanish class at school (this might not help me much with speaking Spanish).
CONTACT: If you want to consider me please email me at: sports_dude1000@live.com and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for reading my application. I will usually respond to you that day or 1-2 days later. I check my email every day and will respond to you. Please send me an email even if you are not choosing me for GM and I would love to try your server.
P.S.I may not have been playing on your server but if you would email me the server name if I am not already playing I would be happy to start (this would be because of the version I am currently running but would be happy to change if you wish to hire me and liked my application.
- I would also like to consider my bro to be a GM also. He would be very helpful with me by his side. Good luck with your server and website. I hope you have a great and long lasting server filled with many people and nice GMs. I would like to say congratulations to anyone who becomes a GM. 
I have created this application with the rules of many other servers. If I have left something out contact me with my email and I will tell you what you need to know. Thank You.
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PostSubject: Xia0Storm GM Application   1/2/2009, 8:23 pm

IGN(In game):Xia0Storm
Why should you choose me to be a GameMaster:I wanted to serve this server and I have been a GM in lots of server as I'm a experinced GM I had not much to say.
Will I abuse my GM power:Of course not,I will keep my promise.If I abuse my GM power I will be baned forever.
Any skills:Yes,Writing things in the forum.
How long have I been in this server:1 hours.

Thank You
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PostSubject: My GM App.........   1/5/2009, 3:41 pm

My Name Is: Tyler Orr.
I'm 15.
I Have Much Exp As A Gm On:DracoStory,TodayMs,And On A Server I Made Myself.
I'm Always Dedicated To The Server I'm GMing For.
I Throw Good Events Such As: Hide And Seek, Jump Quest.
I'm Alright With Coding,
I Will Advertise You Server Everywhere.
And Be The Best GM Ever Trust Me.
I Don't Screw Around Like Other GM's I Actually Try To Get Hackers And Help People.
And I Would Be Very Happy If I Got The Gm Spot On This Soon To Great Private Server.
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PostSubject: Zelo's GM application   1/6/2009, 4:03 pm





Time zone:GMT +8(Singapore)

Languages:I can speak English(of course) and Mandarin(probably useless though) Rolling Eyes

English rating:9/10(May get a typo once in a while)

Obey rules?:I WILL OBEY ALL GM RULES(if I don't,how will I become a GM?)

Oh yeah and I have no experience of being a GM but I have played maplestory for like.....2 or 3 years?And a few months of playing P.server.
Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Post all your GM Application here!   

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Post all your GM Application here!
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